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NSI Site data showing carbon levels in Yorkshire

The National Soil Inventory (NSI) site data is a spatial, point dataset with 6,127 points, located in a 5km grid across England and Wales.

NSI Site provides a in depth description of the general land features at each of the NSI points across England and Wales.

NSI Site contains data on the land use, slope, slope form, human influence on the landscape, rock outcrops, the altitude, aspect, erosion and deposition features and a description of the rock type. As such, NSI Site gives a comprehensive description of the sites in which these inventory points were taken.

NSI Site has proved useful for those who would like to have a good picture of the landscape across these two countries, for instance in a project examining the link between erosional features and the amount of Carbon in the upper 15cm of soil.

How much does this product cost?

  • £600 for each individual property across England and Wales;
  • £10 per point, all data for that point (discounted for more than 50 points);
  • £3,500 for the whole dataset.

For detailed pricing information, use our Quotation Advisor utility.

NSI Site data and description

The table below describes the various properties within this data product. Each point contains the information outlined below.

Property Example from data Description
EAST_NSI 396000 National Grid reference easting at 5km resolution with 1km offset from true grid
NORTH_NSI 216000 National Grid reference northing at 5km resolution with 1km offset from true grid
EASTING 396000 National Grid reference easting of the actual location surveyed
NORTHING 216100 National Grid reference northing of the actual location surveyed
SURVEYDATE 220182 Date of observation
SERIES_NAME DIDMARTON The name of the soil series, the basic unit of soil taxonomic classification, named after the place where they were first described
VARIANT   Code to indicate that the profile is a variation of the defined soil series classification
SUBGROUP 5.14 Number used to define a subgroup incorporating the major group, group and subgroup i.e.3.11, being the third level of soil taxonomic classification based on features which further define the inherent characteristics of the soil material
LANDUSE Permanent grassland Classification of Land use in to 17 classes
SLOPE 2 Slope in degrees
SLOPEFORM straight Slope form along the direction of the true slope (concave, straight or convex)
MADE_GROUND Made land - Mining Identification of sites which have been made or reclaimed by human influence
OUTCROP   Proportion of rock outcrops within 100m of the profile
ALT 750 Altitude (m) above Ordnance Datum (OD)
ASPECT SSE Compass point (bearing code e.g. NNE)
EROSION   Classification of surface features formed by erosion of soil material
DEPOSITION   Classification of surface features formed by the accumulation of soil material
ROCKTYPE Calcareous Oolitic limestone Classification of rock based on recent Geological Survey and other modern publications