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Pricing strategy

What data do I need?

We want our pricing strategy to be as plain and simple as possible.
For detailed requirements, use our online pricing / ordering system.


There are two elements to the cost of our data; Data Royalty Fees and Preparation and Administration (P&A) Fees.

Fee Cost
1. Royalty Fees Variable dependant on Area *
2. Preparation and Administration Fees £400

* A minimum royalty charge of £250 is charged to most users. Genuine bona-fide untargeted research is exempt from this charge.

All prices are subject to contract and exclusive of VAT at the current rate.

Our standard minimum charge is therefore £650+VAT.

(£250 (Royalty) + £400 (Preparation and Administration fee) = £650)

Multi-user licences

The prices generally quoted for royalty fees are for a single user licence.
For 2-5 users (a small multi-user licence) multiply royalty charges by 1.25.
For 5+ users, or users in different locations, or network usage, multiply royalty charges by 2.

Royalty Fees

Royalty fees vary depending on the product which is being leased. The prices are outlined on the pages describing the datasets.
Look under the headings "How much does this product cost?"

Click on the following links for the data type of interest:

NATMAP data : Map data
SOILSERIES and HORIZON data: Tabular associated data for linking to NATMAP data
NSI data: National Soil Inventory (point) data set, providing on point information including a range of chemical and textural features

Prices quoted are for a single user, single year licence, and are given: subject to contract; exclusive of VAT and; exclusive of the Preparation & Administrative fee.
Note: a minimum royalty charge of £250 applies to most dataleases.

Discounts on Data Leases

Significant discounts apply to data leases of larger size, or by certain users, for example; charities, Defra Agencys and Public Bodies and bona-fide academic researchers. For more information on these discounts and to see if you are eligable, try our online pricing / ordering system, or do get in contact with us.


About Us

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